On this page you can read what
my students say about me 🙂



Chiara explains the Italian grammar clearly and easily to me. She gives me various exercises to practice the grammar. She’s patient when I don’t understand well. The lessons are interesting and varied. I have to talk a lot: I tell her about things I’ve done or read, I give my opinion about various subjects, I explain words that she must guess (as in the “Taboo” game). Reading and understanding the Italian language, as well writing and practising grammar exercises is for me much easier than speaking. So, it’s so good for me to practise speaking! Chiara’s lessons are varied: she’s always perfectly prepared. Each time I realize that she loves teaching, and in the fury of the moment she sometimes forgets the time! She tells me a lot about Italian culture and she makes me read many articles about it: now I know the most important Italian people. But we also talk about Italian landscapes, about environmental problems and of course about Italian cooking. I can always ask questions via email when I’m not sure and I need clarification. She always corrects my homework exercises and we’ll discuss them during the next lesson. I like Chiara’s lessons very much. Thanks a lot to you, Chiara!



Grammar lessons with Chiara are amusing and not boring. I like practising grammar and understanding rules. During conversation, Chiara always finds several different themes to discuss, she asks questions and encourages various subjects. I like those moments when we talk about our private lives. The lessons are so interesting that time always flies too quickly. But I wouldn’t do more than one hour, because I become too tired to concentrate properly. If find more time, I’ll do the lessons twice a week. The corrections are always interesting for me: I understand better after having made mistakes.



Chiara is very competent, I’m fully satisfied. Chiara corrects you in a pleasant way, and also, when she notes your mistakes in a word document, she corrects it immediately and sends it back to you. I have no complaints. Chiara is flexible, reliable, diligent and punctual.



Chiara’s lessons fit well for my Italian level. She recognises my problems and gives me exercise to correct them. I’m happy with the conversation lessons. Conversation is always very fluid and interesting. For me there are no faults. I recommend Chiara as an excellent Italian teacher. I’m fully satisfied!



I’m very satisfied. Chiara explains rules in a clear and logical way. She always finds subjects to make me speak. I’m happy that for Chiara it’s not a problem if I start speaking of something different, or if I’m not using the grammar I have to practice. The lessons are varied and they correspond with my skills. I like to talk to you, Chiara; I like that our Zoom lessons are working so well.



I’m fully satisfied! In particular, studying on-to-one is an advantage for me, because we can concentrate on my weak points. It’s useful to receive an individual feedback, in particular of those points I can’t realize by myself. Chiara is very patient and kind! She knows how to improve my confidence. Her lessons are amusing. I think I’ve improved more than I expected. She suggested many resources such as podcasts, books and articles, and she send them to me as well. These are very useful. Maybe there are also other resources. I like the Italian course with Chiara very much. So far I’ve learned a lot and I learn something new every week. I would say that her strong points are: Chiara is a very good teacher and she can explain the Italian language very well. Moreover, she makes the lessons more pleasant and interesting. She is also very reliable and punctual. It’s important that if sometimes I can’t complete my homework – because I’m busy at work – It’s not a problem for Chiara and we can still have our lesson. The only problem is that I’d like to study in Italy again, but it’s not possible at the moment… in the meantime we talk online.



Chiara does in such a manner as to grammar lessons are very understandable and practical. She sends me homework for my consolidation. She also builds little grammar lessons with other exercises and explains my mistakes. Her lessons are varied, Chiara always creates something new. It’s funny and I enjoy myself a lot doing that. Chiara responds to my desires about the subjects to discuss, so that I can practice the Italian language in a practical way. Studying on Skype works very well, it’s very comfortable that I can do my lessons when and where I want. Chiara is very flexible in terms of time, and that suits me perfectly.



Chiara, you explain the things I have to learn very well. Even when it’s very difficult, you make clear examples that I can understand. You always have much imagination to make me speak, for example through the images I have to describe. In this way I can enlarge my vocabulary. I like a lot having lessons with you. It’s always amusing. I’m happy to receive homework, because I can study and repeat the grammar also during the week. It’s useful for me reading the chat you write, because I can learn better when I see the words and not just hear them.



I understand all you teach me. For example, the imperative: I used to have many difficulties with that. But with your help I really came to understand it. Your examples are good and appropriate for me, in order to understand the grammar lessons. For me it’s important not only doing written exercises, but also practicing oral examples. You introduce many subjects so that I can increase my vocabulary a bit in every field. You have infinite ideas. I’m really enthusiastic: the theme cards, the articles, speaking about daily life, watching a movie – a bit of everything. I feel good talking to you because there’s enough time both to speak by myself (and build sentences) and to listen to you – (both are important for the conversation). I like that you don’t interrupt me even when I need more time to build a sentence. (A previous teacher of mine used to complete a sentence always before me). You really know how to adapt your course to my level: not too low, not too high.