Learn Italian now!


  How long is a lesson?

A lesson regularly lasts 60 minutes, but you can also book 30 minutes or 1 1/2 hours.

   What does the lesson contain?

I will teach you grammar, vocabulary, conversation, but also the Italian culture and will train your reading, writing and understanding capability. And of course, through play – it will be a lot of fun! Individual priorities will of course be taken into account. 

You do not have to buy any book as I will provide you by e-mail with the relevant learning material individually for each class.

   Do I get homework?

Yes, I consider homework to be important for the training. I will provide you with exercises, but don’t worry – they are not time-consuming, but very efficient.

You will not be left alone. I continuously monitor your progress. Therefore, you can send me your exercises by e-mail for correction whenever you like to. 

   How much costs a lesson?

A lesson (60 minutes) costs € 40, always including a correction of the homework.

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